Female Monthly Weight Gain – Water

One thing I haven’t noticed on the weight-loss reality shows is any mention (or understanding) of the water weight women gain before and during their periods. I haven’t quite figured out how much I gain…but right now I am the same weight I was 11 days ago. Last week, I saw the scale go up 1 pound 2 days in a row!!! That can be tough to take.

And sometimes due to the hormonal changes we have more cravings. I did not eat as clean as I could last week and I took Wednesday and Thursday off workout wise. Part of that was recovering from my door-ing on Monday. I had a friend’s party on Saturday and chose to make that a cheat day (I will do a post on cheat days).

Now, if you don’t know that you gain water weight before and during your period, gaining a pound 2 days in row may really freak you out. Then you may decide…that what you are doing isn’t working so why bother?

What happens if you give into your monthly cravings? Deal…and do better the next day. Don’t let it stop you from continuing. I think people have the tendency…to think that once we have made a mistake that it isn’t worth continuing. It happens, move on.

On the weight-loss reality shows, I have heard that they dehydrate themselves before weigh-ins and that helps hide the monthly ups due to water weight for the female contestants.

While I generally recommend sprinting and interval cardio instead of long slow cardio…”slow and steady wins the race” for your weight-loss progress.

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