Progress Update and a little about emotional eating

OK, I am in the final stretch. 5 days before wearing the dress. I lost 1 pound in the last week. I biked 40 miles and no resistance workouts.

I had plans to bike on Friday…but life does get in the way. My first cat that I had as an adult died at age 21. She lived with a friend of mine 2 hours upstate. I wanted to see her and say good-bye.

So instead of biking home Friday after work…I took a two-hour train ride.  Then got a ride back home and go home around 2:30 am. This was both very emotional and screwed up my sleep schedule.

This definitely had the potential to screw up my eating. My husband met me at the train station and brought me some protein bars. That made avoiding crappy food easier. When I finally got home though, I was tired, emotional and drained. I chose to have a beer (really the flavored Smirnofs-I am not a fan of regular beer) to help relax.

I considered getting my bike Saturday and riding it home. I was still very emotional and chose not to do anything productive. While I largely didn’t eat much that day by the end of the day, I did want comfort food.

So what could I get that minimized damage and maximized comfort? I decided to get mangoes and dark chocolate. I didn’t eat either until I ate protein first.

By eating protein with sugar, it minimize the effect the sugar has on your blood sugar levels. In order to lose fat, you must keep your blood sugar levels stable. This keeps the damage lower. Fruit also has fiber which helps with that. Dark chocolate is satisfying to me that I do not need to eat a large amount of it. (And there are antioxidants in dark chocolate 🙂 .)

By keeping the overall amount calories in mind (I didn’t eat much all day, only about 3 protein bars which are about 220 calories each) and by eating the protein first, I minimized damage and maximized comfort.

I ended up getting my bike on Sunday, rode to work and home today, so that is 30 miles already this week!! I will make the next 5 days count!

Let’s recap my progress thus far:

  • Week 1 – down 3 pounds
  • Week 2 – down 1 pound
  • Week 3 – down 3 pounds
  • Week 4 – down 2 pounds
  • Week 5 – down 0 pounds
  • Week 6 – down 1 pound

10 pounds total…a little less than an average of 2 pounds a week.  Less than my original goal of 15 pounds…but right on schedule for the updated goal of 7 pounds from Week 3. I just need 1 more pound in the next 5 days.

A bigger personal goal that I met is that I weigh less today than I have in over 2 years. THAT feels great!

I will post pictures next week with the dress on!

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