Final Progress Report – Halloween Update

Wow…I woke up this morning…and weighed 3 pounds (ok about half a pound was from last week because I rounded down) less than Monday!!! Might be the 70 miles I biked this week and since Monday I ate REALLY clean.

I am super excited to put on my costume because I know the dress will fit perfectly now. YAY!!

On Monday, I said I needed only 1 more pound to meet my updated goal. The 3 more makes 13 pounds, almost the original 15!

It is amazing what 13 pounds do. I feel much more attractive and my coworkers have definitely noticed.

I will keep this short…because I have A LOT of getting ready to do!

But now….what happens after this weekend? Can I keep it up without such a specific motivation? It happens a lot…people lose weight for an event and then just give up afterward.

Motivation for the event is great…but there has to be something deeper to maintain the weight loss after the event and the initial motivation is gone.

I have to focus and remember how good I feel both physically and about my attractiveness.

Ultimately, this is not my FINAL progress report…just my final one for this particular goal.

Happy Halloween!

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