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What Your Doctor NEVER Told You About Fish Oil

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Yours in health,

Katrina McKenna

Holiday Weight Loss – Fail! or True Confessions

OK, I admit it…I completely failed at my goal of losing 10 pounds by the first of the year. To top it off…I also failed at keeping my blog updated with my progress.

I gave into temptation and did a lot of emotional eating. Because I traveled in December and was pretty cold when I returned I didn’t get a lot biking in during December. I didn’t even want to face the scale! And you know what…I think it was best that I didn’t weigh myself until I started eating better and biking a bit.

Just like being good temporarily doesn’t bring lasting results…neither does being ‘bad’ temporarily. And good and bad are not the best terms either…there is no morality attached to what you eat. Does it encourage health? Does it discourage health?

I started following my own advise…add more good (er healthful) food before removing the less healthful food. January for me has been all about adding healthful stuff. And I have another confession…I don’t normally cook. Over the years, I got worse and worse with that. It is challenging to eat supportive food when you don’t cook at all.

That is part of what I am focusing on during January. Preparing food on Sunday for the week ahead. I will never be gourmet cook and that’s fine. I keep it simple: hard boiled eggs, quinoa, baked skinless chicken legs (I don’t like the white meat), baked sweet potatoes. My breakfast is oatmeal with some protein powder.

I am also trying to bike as much as possible. I live in New York City, and the weather has not been too cooperative. The most I have been able to bike in a week is 40 miles. (One-way to work is 10 miles). I’ve been pretty proud to have biked in as cold weather as I have. Gettin ready to bike to work 22deg feels like 8!

Now…lets get to the point…what was that damage I did? How much weight did I gain since I lost it for my anniversary?

First, the week after I stopped eating so strict, I gained about 3 pounds. That is likely muscle glycogen and water. When you are eating very strict your body releases both water and glycogen. As soon as you start eating more then your body puts it back. That is to be expected.

I weighed myself on January 5 and I was about 2 pound heavier than that. Ok…not horrible. That week I was able to bike 4o miles. Then, after biking 40 miles on the 10th and 11th, on the 12th I was 3.5 pounds lighter. THAT is the power of anaerobic training.

Remember, I was still eating food that was less supportive. And because I was biking in such cold weather, I made sure to eat very well before and after. When you put your body through stress…it is important to fuel it well.

High intensity interval training causes your body to burn many more calories for hours after the exercise is over. The higher intensity and the longer the duration…the longer you have this extra calorie burning. 10 miles in the cold takes me about 75 minutes and doing that 4 times in a week provides my body with lots of stimulus to burn more and more calories. This is call EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) or more simply the afterburn.

In addition to the biking I am also taking a supplement that helps increase the number of calories your body burns throughout the day. Now don’t bother taking it if you are not exercising or watching what you eat to some extant. Supplements are just that…supplemental. They are not a replacement for more exercise and less calories.

To find out more about the supplement: click here.

This supplement does have a lot of caffeine in it. If you are sensitive to caffeine (like I am) start with only 1 a day and increase slowly. (I am still only on 2/day, I will go up to 3/day but that’s it.)

Ultimately…I’d like to lose about 15 more pounds (from where I am right now). I will probably just coast the next two weeks…the weather won’t allow too much biking, I am getting a root canal on Friday (probably best not to brave traffic while on pain-killers), and I will be traveling the last weekend in January.

When you “fail”…don’t beat yourself up, it doesn’t help anyway. Make a choice and get back on the wagon.

Here’s to a healthy 2011!

5 Easy Breakfasts That Fight Belly Fat

If there’s one really easy thing you can do to fight off the belly fat in 2011 it’s this:

Eat a better breakfast.

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Please be sure to let me know if you try them.

Have a very safe, happy and healthy New Year!

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More Killer Research On Omega 3’s

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